Fontanini by Roman Figure Centennial Nativity Set - Fontanini 7-piece Centennial 5-inch Nativity Figure Set with Italian Stable.Made in...

$109.00 as at 22:48 UTC. (Details)

Christmas Nativity Set - Full 10 inch Real Life Nativity Set - Makes a great gift! Joseph stands 9 inches tall, Mary sits 6 inches high; the manger is 2 1/2 inches high and Jesus is 2 3/4 inches...

$144.95 as at 07:26 UTC. (Details)

This African American Nativity Set consists of 9 separate pieces. This allows for arrangement for your choice. Some people prefer to have only Mary and Joseph until Christmas when Jesus was born. Then they add the baby Jesus and the shepherd and the...

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Nativity Set Handmade in Kenya From Banana Fiber - This Nativity set is handcrafted out of banana fiber wrapped on wire and includes a 5 1/4 by 7 1/4 inch handmade banana fiber box for storage. The tallest piece is 5 inches high. Handmade in...

$32.00 as at 07:26 UTC. (Details)